Fleece Performance | 2005-2018 Dodge PowerFlo Lift Pump In-tank Pump Assembly (PRE-ORDER)

Reckless Auto Sports

$ 733.95 

No more noisy lift pumps, cutting holes in your fuel tank, or quarter tank issues. Our drop-in lift pump allows for silent operation, utilizes the factory connections for an easy installation and its active fill bucket technology eliminates the need for a draw straw or tank sump. The PowerFlo Lift Pump operates with two OEM quality gerotor pumps that have surpassed 12,000 hours of durability testing and together flow 170 GPH @ 15 psi, making the PowerFlo Lift Pump capable of supporting 800+ rwhp.

The PowerFLo Lift Pump is also backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

-Regulated Return Flow Eliminates Over Pressure Situations

- Utilizes Factory Quick Disconnects For Quick and Reliable Installation

-Float and Level Sending Unit Properly Scaled For Accurate Fuel Level Readings

-Active Fill Bucket Eliminates The Need For Tank Sumps or Draw Straws

- In-Tank Installation Provides for, Silent Operation

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