Fleece Performance | 6.7L Cummins Injector Nozzles (New)

Reckless Auto Sports

$ 1,213.38 

These are 100% NEW Fleece Performance 6.7L Cummins common rail injector nozzles that are engineered to get the most out of your Cummins diesel. The nozzle spray pattern and angle have been optimized to outperform a stock honed nozzle with the same flow rate. These are the highest quality and the best performing injector nozzles on the market.

New Engineered Nozzle Options

Available in 100, and 200 HP options, the engineered nozzles are brand new units manufactured with the highest of quality & control standards to their specified size. These are not simply stock nozzles that have been media honed! Specifically designed with a modified spray pattern and manufactured to size, these nozzles are engineered for better fuel atomization which leads to improved in-cylinder flame propagation. What does that mean? That means you will not have to rely on as much injector duration and timing to achieve your desired horsepower goal, which leads to better engine health, longevity, fuel mileage gains, and enhanced driving characteristics.

FPE-100MP-67-NZL-SET NEW 100hp Fleece Performance 6.7L Cummins Injector Nozzles (2007.5-2015)

FPE-200MP-67-NZL-SET NEW 200hp Fleece Performance 6.7L Cummins Injector Nozzles (2007.5-2015)

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