Fleece Performance | Custom BCM tuning for the 2007-2014 GM Gas SUV’s (Yukon,Tahoe,Suburban,Escalade)

Reckless Auto Sports

$ 314.00 

GM BCM tuning for the 2007-2014 Gas/Diesel Trucks and SUV’s exclusively via the EFILive Tuning Platform.

Standard features are listed below.

· Remote Vehicle Start Timer Extended to 32 min (21 min first start) (11min second start)

· (Unlimited Restarts and 40 min runtime Requires ECM cal update)

· LED turn signal compatibility (Eliminate fast flash when LED’s are installed)

· Add manual high-idle based on Cruise Control & Parking Brake (requires ECM reflash)

· Add Manual DRL Control for Canadian/Export Trucks (DRL Override)

· Add Manual Headlamp Control for Canadian/Export Trucks (Manually Override Headlights)

· Fog Lamps on with High Beams

· Door Chime Timer (Limits chime to 30 seconds per event)

· More custom features to follow

Users will need to have an unused EFILive TCM VIN license slot or purchase a new VIN license if no TCM slots are available to program the BCM.

Reference the following part numbers when ordering:

OZ-BCMA-ML (SLE, LT Pickups)

OZ-BCMA-UL (SLT,LTZ,Denali Pickups)

OZ-BCMA-SUV (Yukon,Tahoe,Suburban,Escalade SUVs) **

** Custom RVS Extend Times beyond 32 min will require custom ECM calibration and may not be mapped in all controllers upon initial release.

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